Changing Lives

  • I want to thank the team for every single thing you have done for me for the past years. I really do appreciate it; such as paying for and sending me to the best doctors and advocates in Port Elizabeth. Thank you for making my claim such a HUGE success - you really have done an amazing job! Without your advice I would have probably been down the drain by now.

    Thank you for making my life much lighter and more comfortable - nothing would have been possible without you. You really do change lives!

    ~ A. Tiry - May 2016

  • My life has changed astronomically thanks to PBK Attorneys.

    I first went to a senior MVA attorney and nothing happened for two years. PBK Attorneys took my case in and in just under three years finalised my matter and got me the best settlement I could have ever imagined.

    PBK Attorneys is professional and quick. They have changed my life and I would recommend them to ANYONE! 

    Thank you.

    ~ B. Erasmus - June 2016

  • I was involved in a head-on collision in 2012 where the driver of a vehicle travelling towards me lost control and veered onto my side of the road, hitting me head-on.

    I was 6 months pregnant and sustained a crushed foot and elbow. After receiving medical treatment, I got in contact with PBK Attorneys to fight my case against the Road Accident Fund. It was the best decision I could ever make.

    The team were very professional and thorough, whilst handling my case with superior confidence and still exhibited compassion and concern.

    I was constantly kept updated and informed as to the legal processes and procedures, as well as the progress of the case.

    I won my case beyond expectation and wish to thank PBK's excellent compliment of staff for changing my life.

    ~ R Muller - June 2016

  • Thank you, PBK Attorneys! Your team really does change people's lives - all my hopes were with you and it came at the right time.

    ~ TH. Luvava - July 2016

  • The day I went to see the team at PBK Attorneys, for a "possible" road accident fund claim, I never thought I'd receive such good news 3 years down the line. You have changed my life in so many ways and I can only say thank you to every member of your team! YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!

    ~ C. Naidoo - July 2016

  • After many many years and two previous MVA attorneys, PBK Attorneys was sent to me from the heavens. 

    The team at PBK Attorneys took over my claim and finalised it within 2 years, but they did not stop there. After finalisation of my claim, they also arranged my admission to Aurora Hospital, where I received excellent medical care and thereafter housed me at a top class frail care facility. 

    PBK Attorneys WILL change your life just like they changed mine. I cannot thank you enough! 

    ~ A. Olckers - July 2016

  • My family and I wish to thank the PBK Attorney’s team for all the hard work and dedication you put into my case. 

    The lump-sum amount has been paid into my account and we are very grateful. Had it not been for you and your team, I don’t think this would have been possible. 

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    ~ Cpt. H. Ruiters - August 2016

  • I was involved in a horrific MVA in 2013. I was seriously injured and remain unemployed to this day.

    Appointing PBK Attorneys to handle my case against the RAF was the best decision of my life. Not only did PBK financially assist me in desperate times, but they handled my case with the utmost professionalism, effectiveness, and speed.

    The team arranged for me to be assessed by superior medical experts and represented by top Advocates, resulting in the best possible winning result I could ever have hoped for. My family and I are now financially secure thanks to Pierre and his team of professionals.

    If YOU were involved in a MVA, there is only one team, and that is PBK Attorneys!

    ~ CPD Manuel - September 2016

  • I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in May 2009. I narrowly escaped a head-on collision with a bakkie that was completely on my side of the road (Draaifontein Road).

    I had extensive reconstructive surgery to my right leg, including muscle transplants and multiple skin transplants.

    The lawyer that was handling my case against the Road Accident Fund for the first couple of year didn’t really seem to get the ball rolling. It was then that I heard of PBK Attorneys, and decided to hand them my claim. I have never looked back.

    I must praise the team at PBK Attorneys for their professional and “top notch” specialists that they sent me to.

    The successful handling of my case has taken me from “being in the dumps” (financially and mentally as a result of my injuries and subsequent unemployment) to a place of “wellbeing” for the present and for my future. I didn’t miraculously get cured, but I now have financial means to see myself forward, thanks to the PBK team.

    I suggest that anyone who has a possible claim against the Road Accident Fund, must take their case to PBK Attorneys - you will receive the best team of experts to handle your case!

    ~ SC Coetzee - September 2016

  • I was in a motorbike accident in 2013. My future within the work environment came to an abrupt and sudden end.

    I lost mobility in my one leg, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and how my future would look, but I consulted with PBK Attorneys and my life changed tremendously after that.

    With professional advice and assistance from PBK Attorneys, my family and I now have ease of mind that all would be taken care of - one could say that they gave me a leg up in life and my future.

    It only took three short years before my entire world changed for the better. Thanks to PBK Attorneys for always being there for us and understanding our needs. Because of you, we now have a bright future to look forward to.

    Thank you very much to your professional and competent team for everything you did for us.

    ~ JP - October 2016

  • If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, there is only ONE firm to appoint to fight your case against the Road Accident Fund, PBK Attorneys! 

     I cannot thank you enough for the fast, effective and professional manner in which you successfully finalised my claim. I am forever thankful and will remain a client of PBK Attorneys for life!

    ~ S.S - February 2017


I want to thank the team for every single thing you have done for me for the past years. I really do appreciate it; such as paying for and sending me to the best doctors and advocates in Port Elizabeth. Thank you for making my claim such a HUGE success - you really have done an amazing job! Without your ... read more

~ A. Tiry - May 2016