The Benefits of Hiring a Property Lawyer

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Have you ever observed a woman shopping for hand selected tomatoes or avocados? They first eye out the best-looking one. The most appealing fruit then gets picked up so that they can feel the firmness of it. Once they are happy with its texture, they take a little whiff to confirm their assumption of how ripe it may or may not be. Women and some men may spend up to 3 minutes of their 15-minute shopping expedition inspecting an item that will cost them no more than R19 per kilogram. That same person, however, will walk into a show house of R1million, fall in love with the ambience of it and sign an offer to purchase on the spot. And this all before inspecting the entire house or even reading through the documentation fully. People can get too caught up in the emotion of buying a house and forget that this is a big investment that requires a lot of careful planning to avoid any unnecessary conflict and obstructions.

Property Transfer

A property lawyer gives expert advice at every stage of the legal process. They assist with drafting contracts and preparing documentation to minimize the risk of rejection by the Deeds Office. They are also involved in the negotiation of contracts while keeping all the parties informed on the progress of the transaction. They also register the transaction on the agreed upon date. One of the most important and beneficial reasons for hiring a property lawyer is to protect you from the conflicting interests between the buyer and seller. Do what you can to have the law on your side.

Buying a house involves making one of the biggest investments you may ever make. Take the time to go through the process meticulously to ensure that you make a good investment and that your rights are not infringed on in any way. South African Property Law regulates the rights of people over certain objects or things. The most important social function of property law in South Africa is to manage the rights and interests of competing parties of those who acquire property. So why not get a property lawyer on your side to protect your rights and interests?

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